07:18A 11.10.22 THU
quietly making things as the clocks change and winter comes

07:43A 09.28.22 WED
long days

09:27A 08.23.22 TUE
everything is new and it’s all intentional

08:34A 08.15.22 MON
all this and war?

08:40A 08.07.22 SUN
out of the mud

10:46A 07.20.22 WED
last night i watched this film called what happened was... and it was so wonderful.

idk, there’s something nice about a play with one set getting the film treatment. there’s a bit more room to explore cinematography but the blocking for the actors basically remains the same which creates a fresh approach to the work. tom noonan is a weirdo too, a really cool weirdo.

11:31A 07.11.22 MON
thirty five sober awake alive

01:28A 06.13.22 MON

‘in the lavender haze’
photographed by aundre larrow

see more

09:32A 06.10.22 FRI
he told me to do a 90 but i couldn’t

07:29A 05.09.22 MON

10:04A 04.29.22 FRI

“small, slow but steady” by shô miyake

10:40A 04.28.22 THU
very proud to release the case study for studio gradients’ brand refresh of the dnc.


07:36A 04.18.22 MON
death & taxes

02:32P 04.12.22 TUE

09:40A 04.11.22 MON

11:04A 03.29.22 TUE
“i can’t fuck it up if it’s not there at all”

09:16A 03.24.22 THU
saw glassjaw last night. tightest set i’ve ever seen a band play. eyewtkas front to back, no bullshit. no mingling. no chatting. just the songs. tight.

08:02A 03.14.22 MON
watching: hiroshima mon amour
listening: everything but the girl

07:59A 03.07.22 MON
the thing i love about being sober is how it all evolves. true sobriety, for me, wasn’t about not drinking -- but rather, an entire restructuring of the mind. that’s a process that takes time. first i had to accept the things done to me and let them go. then i had to accept the things i’ve done to others and let them go. on the otherside of that was freedom. a true serenity of the mind. 

02:58P 03.05.22 SAT
refining, keeping low.

10:00A 02.19.22 SAT
i really don’t enjoy weekends. what am i supposed to do with this time? 

09:06P 02.15.22 TUE

i watched worst person at the beginning of the year and it stayed with me for a long, long time. then i watched thelma, louder, oslo, reprise, and oslo again. joachim trier really is one of the greats. i think it’s something about skater culture being taken through art? that has to be the common link of my love of gus van sant and joachim trier. anyway, renate, anders, and joachim all say good things here. i’m ok.

02:08P 01.21.22 FRI


02:53P 01.20.22 THU
made a special coffee for compass in celebration of the anniveresary of inauguration, in stores or online.

08:47A 01.04.22 TUE

season two out now

07:57A 12.28.21 TUE
i’ll be honest when CMIYGL dropped i was just not feeling it. i know he built a world and i could see sincerely that it was his vision fully realized, i just wasn’t in the right head space to experience it. kept doing this thing where i didn’t listen for a month or two then threw it on to be like ok am i buying it now and it just wasn’t working -- until this morning. woke up mad early and went on a walk through midtown. just bumping this album. wow. ok, i’m here. it’s beautiful.

11:57A 12.27.21 MON

“less is only more when you know what more is”

08:58P 12.26.21 SUN
christ, you could make a redwood tree feel small.

08:01A 12.20.21 MON
life for rent is just a complete smash of an album. i remember listening in my twenties and being like cool triphop beats and kinda moving on but no fuck that this album is stunning it’s beautiful it’s heartbreaking. at least for me it took until my thirties to settle into my blood and now that it’s here, it’s never going anywhere. dido! girl, i feel u.

if my life is for rent and i don't learn to buy
well i deserve nothing more than i get
‘cause nothing i have is truly mine
nothing i have is truly mine
nothing i have is truly mine

10:57A 12.13.21 MON

new studio gradients work

08:53A 12.02.21 THU

12:28P 11.29.21 MON
i don’t have the words

06:19P 11.27.21 SAT
it took me far too long to learn this but art can be too intimate. there’s almost this invisible line and when you cross it, the work skips over feeling like it’s authentic and instead ends up feeling like a diary entry. i made this mistake time after time and i’m happy to have found my own happy medium with it all, but when i watch or read or hear something too intimate, i notice it. it makes me cringe but i also understand why it’s being done, that it’s part of the process. i did it too. 

11:24A 11.21.21 SUN
completely inspired by andrew garfield’s performance as the iconic jonathan larson. no one more in tune to how quickly all of this shit goes. kobe bryant level. love, love, love. will be thinking about this one for a long time. respect, lin-manuel!

10:27A 11.20.21 SAT
adele really did that

10:53A 11.18.21 THU
ok so quick update folks

- season two of studio gradients launches in january (new year, new season? idk we’ll come up with better language than that)

- we launched shapiro for governor

- we also launched a campaign in chile for our pal maite

- we also made a billboard for lambda and it’s in times sq through jan

idk we’ve done a bunch of our stuff too but we can talk about that later. told u i was quiet bc i was making things

10:46A 11.17.21 WED
two lions fight for food and cannot get a smoke break

01:24A 11.06.21 SAT
i’m at a point in my career where i can send a note to various artists i like and see if they’d like to collab and they, for the most part, respond -- and that’s all i’ve ever really wanted?

10:27A 10.26.21 TUE

08:04P 10.08.21 FRI
quiet because i’m making things

11:12A 09.26.21 SUN
had this phone call

10:29A 09.12.21 SUN

07:50A 09.07.21 TUE
nobody cares what u did last year

03:43P 09.04.21 SAT
i love waking up at 5a but i hate wanting to go to sleep by 4p

01:55P 08.30.21 MON
i’m not sure how many more kanye albums we’re going to get but damn i am grateful for donda, he really did it on this one. best since yeezus. artist of a generation!

08:56A 08.24.21 TUE
eventually i’m going to hit the chapter in my life where i head out to la and learn to surf and make arthouse vids. i’m not there yet, still got some shit to do on the east coast, but maybe in my 40s? i once met vince clarke from erasure at his home in the woods of maine and he just like smoked cigs and played sounds on his 79 synths. maybe i’ll save that chapter for my 50s.

02:27P 08.23.21 MON

03:06P 08.21.21 SAT

09:47A 08.06.21 FRI
i once read that eminem wrote the hook to the real slim shady based on the sound of starting a chainsaw and it changed the way i saw the whole world

09:51A 08.04.21 WED
summer in the city

09:58A 07.23.21 FRI
my dreams are more vivid now

04:53P 07.17.21 SAT

01:04P 07.14.21 WED
we gotta support artists through their sophomore slump, shit is hard. they’ll come back stronger.

08:52A 07.12.21 MON
studio gradients season two

this fall

11:41A 07.07.21 WED
yeah, i’m in my thirties and think in rainbows is radiohead’s best album. so what?

11:14A 06.26.21 SAT
at a hotel. last night around 10p. i stepped downstairs to have a mocktail. when the doors opened to the bar i was confronted by thirty women with heavy mascara and dresses from zara. i turned away. walked back to my room. and slept.

10:32A 06.22.21 TUE
biking is incredible. i tried a bunch of stuff after the inauguration to sort of process the election and nothing worked that well? writing didn’t help, sleep didn’t help, therapy didn’t help. started biking and it was like my body and mind started cleansing itself. got in 21 miles yesterday and like 55-ish miles last week. i feel so good. shout out, biking!

12:27P 06.12.21 SAT

12:41P 06.08.21 TUE
out of the gate

06:05A 06.07.21 MON
“memories don’t leave like people do”

04:30P 06.02.21 WED
how does it feel

08:12A 05.24.21 MON

3 is quiet, visually stunning, and emotionally lingering. it is the complete opposite thing you expected aziz to make which in many ways is why it’s so successful. lena and naomi are true gems. i’m in love with the world they built together.

08:53A 05.21.21 FRI
can i get a god damn timpani roll

10:47A 05.16.21 SUN
neck remains in tact

04:18P 05.14.21 FRI
i hate when i’m taking a cab and the traffic is kinda congested and the driver is like “you wanna walk” and i’m like 5 avenues away like bro no i don’t wanna walk i wanted to take a cab

09:55A 05.11.21 TUE
hey i did a talk for figma’s config. it’s called “five novembers” and it’s about, well, my last five novembers. hope u enjoy.

01:41P 05.10.21 MON
but i ain’t about that anymore

08:50A 05.10.21 MON
and what if my work is the antithesis of the work the art i love would have wanted me to make? how do i talk that out? like, i love maximum rocknroll and i used to read it every month in the middle of like working for idk some corporation. it’s a trip.

01:10P 05.09.21 SUN
damn, man.

09:36A 05.07.21 FRI
the greatest thing about silverchair is that it doesn’t matter who you’re talking to or whatever era you’re in, someone is hyped to talk about silverchair. the hardest punks respect them, mainstream radio, other indie bands. doesn’t matter. everyone loves silverchair.

08:42A 05.04.21 TUE
spent a couple days in maine, it was good for my health. the ocean, the trees, the stars.

09:47A 04.29.21 THU

07:40P 04.25.21 SUN
“i felt so ugly before, i didn’t know what to do.”

09:04A 04.23.21 FRI

astonishing how this moment was such an iconic one for music and how letterman, completely oblivious, kinda blows off the whole thing that’s happening right in front of him. bro, listen to them. this shit was art, man.

09:38A 04.22.21 THU
i don’t want to lose the plot

06:15P 04.19.21 MON
the overwhelming majority of my time in any given day is mapped out which is kind of a bummer because this afternoon i was watching a video of a youtuber who rides bikes and they just like had a vlog of their bike ride and i would love to do that but when the heck am i going to have time to cut up a video about bike riding when i’m already spread too thin? reader, if i can give you any piece of advice, it’s that if you have free time, savior it. make cool vids about riding bikes. stay free.

08:37A 04.19.21 MON

08:34A 04.14.21 WED
some shit is just so funny man lol

09:56A 04.11.21 SUN
i like to run my shit like album cycles. drop a new sound, run it to the ground, take a year outside to build it up again. but this time around i just went from album to album, no slowing down. idk man, idk. i’m working on it tho.

08:58P 04.09.21 FRI
i gotta learn how to delegate better

12:41P 04.08.21 THU
vacation is nice

11:07A 04.03.21 SAT

10:38A 04.02.21 FRI
jane doe

09:39A 03.31.21 WED
went on design matters


06:24A 03.29.21 MON
woke up yesterday and watched five films, back to back to back to back to back. it was such a wonderful day. been documenting all the films i’m watching this year via letterboxd. dive deeper here:


04:54P 03.25.21 THU
i studied the greats, i’m the greatest right now.

11:29A 03.22.21 MON

03:23P 03.18.21 THU

09:10A 03.16.21 TUE
over the years folks have asked why i stopped talking (or rarely talk) about being trans in public and the truth is that it’s because my identity is for me, not you. even if i feel joy for my identity and wanted to share that, you’d find a way to make it about you -- about how good you feel for celebrating me, about how good of a person you are for not being cruel to me. i just want that part of me to be for me. i hope you can understand.

04:36P 03.14.21 SUN
see ya at sxsw


12:47P 03.08.21 MON   

12:12P 03.02.21 TUE   
“destroy the plastique man”

07:37A 03.01.21 MON   


10:35A 02.25.21 THU   
hey! here’s an update. i’m working with chartwell speakers to help me navigating speaking stuff. they’re good people! if you want me to speak at your thing, i can do that now! book me with the link below.


09:03A 02.24.21 WED   
what’s for me and what’s for you? i’d like for it to be for me, but let’s be real, it’s all for you.

11:07A 02.18.21 THU   
it’s snowy in the city. i have been making my apartment a home. this is the first time i’ve done this in a few years. the last few places i’ve lived in, they’ve all been temporary. this feels like a home. i have a desk, one that is comfortable to work on. i have a chair, it feels nice to read a book in it. i have a lamp, at night, i can still read. i have a bed frame. i’m old now, thirty-three, and my back hurts. the bed frame is nice. these are simple things, i know, but without them for a few years, they feel like luxury. it is nice to feel luxurious. i wish this for you.

07:15P 02.12.21 FRI   
first off, let me say, apologies for the delay. we put out studio gradients this week and i did a lot of laundry. the site is intentionally this splash between 90s internet and 20s internet. i tried to keep it somewhat tight while also breaking a few traditions. there’s some more frivolous decisions here (a color picker? the titantic script?) but we’re all alone in our homes so we might as well have some joy here, ya know. new york is good but it’s cold. let’s talk soon. xo.

10:28A 02.02.21 TUE   
i’m over minimalism. i want to do everything. that’s the bar.

09:48A 02.01.21 MON   
hometown paper love


03:12P 01.25.21 MON   
uh, back in nyc. studio gradients coming soon.

02:54P 01.21.21 THU  

been thinking about this show for the last week or so. noah and i revisited the mixes from this album the other night -- and the thing that stays with me is how honest this intro is. that little move, staying tight and in time while loose enough to enjoy it, tiny moments, very authentic. it’s these things that make stories great, that bring them vibrancy, air, and life.

06:42P 01.20.21 WED  
joe biden is president. kamala harris is vice president. that was hard -- but man, it was worth it. proud as heck.

06:34P 01.16.21 SAT  
we could have it all but why would we want it

04:14P 01.14.21 THU  
free your mind

09:50A 01.12.21 TUE  
there’s a butterfly in my throat and it’s not happy

10:43A 01.09.21 SAT  
what in the heck happened this week

08:23P 01.05.21 TUE

11:19A 01.01.21 FRI

11:16P 12.30.20 WED
janeane garofalo was at this party i was at a couple years back and i didn’t tell her how much i loved her in reality bites. i consider this one of my biggest mistakes.

10:41P 12.27.20 SUN
i’ve spent the last year and a half creating art. every single day. wake up, drink coffee, create. create a logo, a photograph, make a website, make five websites, make a plane, a train, a bus. make, make, make. take, take, take.

took this weekend to consume, and consume i did. julie delpy, you are my queen. a legend? indeed. your writing is unparalleled. i’m just in love with the way you see the world -- or, at least, the way you present it.

then i started reading. i was talking to a pal this week about how i can’t sit down and read for longer than 20ish pages before my mind gets distracted. not anymore. crushed like 300 pages over the last couple days.

sometimes i feel guilty for consuming. like, i should be creating. there needs to be a rhythm, a balance. ideally, one day, i’ll learn an even split. maybe i spend the morning consuming and the evening creating. that’s not what’s happening right now. i’m an addict. i turn everything up. make, make, make. take, take, take.

07:19A 12.26.20 SAT

12:03A 12.24.20 THU
midnite at midnight, like the old days.

06:18P 12.22.20 TUE 
fast co profile on carahna and i


09:01A 12.21.20 MON 
still trying to squeeze a heartbeat out of you

03:28P 12.19.20 SAT 

10:11P 12.15.20 TUE 
i watched inception again. it had been a long time. it’s very good? i think, when it came out, there was this conversation about intellectuality that sort of skewed the film from just being a good piece of art. but it really is. very into lucid dreaming now. though i’m not that great at it, i did have this moment the other night where i realized i was dreaming and that i had meshed two situations: first, folks from my high school were all together and smiling, enjoying each other’s presence. the other? here’s where it gets odd. we were on the titanic. i know, dude. what does that mean?

08:28A 12.14.20 MON
melatonin dreams are tripping me out

07:17P 12.12.20 SAT

09:02P 12.10.20 THU
of note: my intention wasn’t to use gotham. rather, to understand jonathan’s walls around it. those walls helped me parse through past and present, understanding the lines of relation i was creating more succinctly.

08:34A 12.08.20 TUE
i was in this aa meeting a couple years back, right when i was just getting sober. there was this person qualifying that spoke about how challenging it was to find serenity in sobriety. everyone always talks about “the moment” you feel your higher power, and they hadn’t had it. then, one morning, they woke up real early and watched the sun rise over the atlantic ocean. they talked about how that was the first moment that they had felt true serenity.

i think about that a lot. how god, in all his greatness, changes the color of the world. i know gradients became an inside joke on the campaign, but it’s more than that. it’s this warmth that god creates. i’m never gonna make a gradient as good as god does. olafur eliasson will never, james turrell will never, jenny holzer will never. at best, our attempts are nothing more than an homage to what god does twice a day.

but in that is a serenity, a calmness. a beautiful feeling that should be shared.

09:25A 12.07.20 MON

05:53P 12.06.20 SUN
oh man i missing sitting in a café and reading MRR. i was less tired then.

02:16P 12.05.20 SAT
“the stars are indifferent to astronomy and all that we think we know”

10:10P 12.03.20 THU

03:52P 12.03.20 THU
“head north!”

10:54P 11.27.20 FRI
what now?

11:43P 11.25.20 WED

05:36P 11.25.20 WED
music would be so boring if every song sounded the same. artists would be so boring if they all made the same work. why do designers repeat each other? what does your voice sound like?

09:27A 11.22.20 SUN
told myself that after we won the election i was gonna buy ll bean boots and move to maine and hibrante in a cabin until spring. i did buy the bean boots, but i am still in dc. at least i put my christmas tree up, tho? that’s gotta be worth something.

06:36P 11.18.20 WED

08:15A 11.15.20 SUN
been sleeping for about 10 hours for the last few nights. body is still tired but it’s starting to feel better.

11:55A 11.14.20 SAT
i want to be the type of person who owns one pair of shoes and only wears them but i own eight pairs of shoes and i switch them up all the time. anyway, we won the election.

09:00A 11.05.20 THU 
new american dream

09:07A 11.01.20 SUN 

05:01P 10.31.20 SAT 
i was getting a coffee in my neighborhood when a man in a trump halloween costume walked by me. i thanked him -- because i was tired, but seeing that costume, it gave me the strength to focus on beating him.

05:23P 10.27.20 TUE 

05:44P 10.23.20 FRI  
please don’t step on the acorns. that’s food for the squirrels. how would you like it if someone stepped on your dinner? food for thought.

08:58A 10.22.20 THU  
look i’m just saying, put the last two years up against whatever. i’m fine with that. and not in a whatever way. you know what i mean, the whatever way. we’re not done yet. but it’s true. this is, to quote james, happening. it is as simple as that. 

09:47A 10.19.20 MON

05:02P 10.08.20 THU

09:11A 10.08.20 THU
my dad would have got a kick out of that

09:59A 10.04.20 SUN
everything we got

09:45A 09.24.20 THU
everybody wants me to speak at their college but nobody wants to give me a degree

09:14A 09.21.20 MON
wake up in a bed, shower, get dressed, head to the garage to turn on the ignition in my mom’s little army green toyota. i love the smell of gasoline. if it’s cold, the engine needs a few minutes to heat up.

11:20P 09.18.20 FRI
Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!"

Isaiah 6:8

08:03A 09.18.20 FRI   

it’s like that song goes, “the bluest eyes in texas are haunting me tonight.”

07:37A 09.15.20 TUE

it doesn’t have to be boring? it can be interesting! really time to put this album out. it’s... still called elephant.

12:58P 09.08.20 TUE

can you hear me now?

12:21P 09.08.20 TUE

hyped we got to work with joe perez on these. out now. limited.


12:41P 09.04.20 FRI

09:25A 09.02.20 WED

08:27A 08.31.20 MON

i was living in new york when mac miller passed. it was september, 2018. i had got sober in july. i remember thinking to myself, like, damn, meetings tonight are gonna be intense. i was living in bed-stuy and i got on the train to manhattan. headphones in. just wanted to listen to swimming. got off somewhere and just started walking. through the village and all that. that feeling still sits with me. crying, grey weather, really in my feelings.

my head was mostly down but there was this moment i picked it up to cross the street. when i looked up -- i saw alan cumming. he was wearing a very tight white tee and black leather pants. the silhouette of his nipples was perfectly framed.

what an inopportune time to run into alan cumming. i wondered if he knew, what that meant to him if he did. there’s a specific obsurdity to moments.

11:55A 08.29.20 SUN 

01:02P 08.26.20 WED 

and let me ask you, when is the last time you danced yourself clean?

09:55A 08.23.20 SUN 

the album is called “elephant.”

04:48P 08.21.20 FRI 

everyone's saying
different things to me,
different things to me.

everyone's taking
everything they can,
everything they can.

10:31A 08.19.20 WED 

i’m waiting for you to write me off

09:31A 08.17.20 MON 

04:32P 08.13.20 THU 

10:55A 08.11.20 TUE 
revival was honestly a great album, i wish it got more love.

07:54P 08.09.20 SAT
no evasion of reality

09:08A 08.09.20 SAT  

10:18A 08.08.20 SAT  
i just want you to know that i was here

08:45A 08.07.20 FRI  
idea: executed

welcome to the new joebiden.com

01:35P 08.04.20 TUE 

07:24P 08.03.20 MON 
eptx, i love you.

09:33A 08.02.20 SUN 
just look at what they did to amy winehouse. man, just look at they did to tupac. it’s all conditional. it’s all conditional.

09:19A 07.31.20 FRI 
i’ll never be in love with a concept again. that’s a trick that my head played over again.

07:28A 07.30.20 THU 
one soft moment at the crack of dawn, that’s all i need.

08:37A 07.29.20 WED

08:39A 07.27.20 MON
the future is gonna throw things at you whether you want it to or not and i just say, bring it on. bring it on.

06:16P 07.23.20 THU
burn it all down / don’t wait up it’s too late to save yourself / you’re living to wake up and i can tell / don’t wait up i’ll meet you on the run / the bellows are pumping the breath from your own lungs

- tlth

07:22A 07.22.20 WED
ain’t no point in fighting god but i sure try

08:29A 07.22.20 WED

08:49A 07.20.20 MON
the night beto dropped out, i couldn’t sleep. i ended up watching school of rock on tv and then orange county came on. somewhere in the middle of that film, i feel asleep and i woke up near the end when pete yorn’s song “lose you” came on. i remember it being 5 in the morning and feeling very confused.

08:29A 07.19.20 SUN
i don’t miss new york in the summer. i miss it in the winter. i miss it when i think about how the cold bites in early january. i miss the way my glasses fog up when i come inside milk and pull for a cup of coffee. i miss it when waverly diner puts the same christmas album on repeat and serves pancakes with syrup and strawberries on the side. i miss seeing my friends in big puffy jackets. the city is so alone, i miss it when the wood floors in the old buildings creek. i miss aíne’s art and the way the street light illuminates its beauty. i miss my friends who don’t even miss me. i miss healthway. that night i was so sick and i had to go on tv the next day and they cut up some ginger root and threw it in the blender and saved my voice. i miss the way new york took care of me.

09:35A 07.18.20 SAT
“gave everyone a camera to appreciate the same view”

- ghost thrower

09:20A 07.17.20 FRI

11:04P 07.16.20 THU 
not throwing stones at you anymore

10:22A 07.14.20 TUE

11:38P 07.11.20 SAT
“in a big book at the hospital i was born again and again and again.”

10:02A 07.11.20 SAT
lauryn hill, thank you.

08:51A 07.10.20 FRI

06:57P 07.08.20 WED

08:24A 07.06.20 MON

12:02P 07.01.20 WED
i’ve been dreaming of a new beginning

05:19P 06.27.20 SAT
wish i had a chance to say so long

05:55P 06.22.20 MON

10:23A 06.21.20 SUN

happy father’s day

07:22A 06.18.20 THU

07:53A 06.17.20 WED
if it ain’t original, you ain’t intentional. you make the same record for five years straight and expect us to fall on our ass? why don’t you try and have some respect for the craft. i just sit here and laugh.

08:33A 06.15.20 MON

01:36A 06.14.20 SUN
“i turn the engine but the engine doesn’t turn” is actually kind of a prophetic line when u think about it. anyway go see the king of staten island. pete is the man.

08:52A 06.13.20 SAT
“when you wanna let go, when you wanna let go when you wanna move on, move on, oh, ooh-ooh / why you gotta let go? why you gotta let go? why you gotta move on, move on, move?”

- kevin/roy

01:03P 06.12.20 FRI

07:59A 06.11.20 THU
i’m still not sure what happens when we pass but i do know that my dad, wherever he might be, or if he can even see down on me, is smiling with his mustache grin.

12:01P 06.10.20 WED

02:36P 06.09.20 TUE

07:47A 06.08.20 MON

07:14P 06.03.20 WED
i’ve bombed two interviews in my life. one was with a broadway theatre company, building ads in quark, and the other was for facebook. at the time, i wanted nothing more than to be employed at facebook. i felt it would solve my problems, would make me feel successful. looking back, i’m so thankful i bombed it. i’m so thankful my nerves got the best of me. i’m so thankful they didn’t think i was good enough. i’m so thankful for the feeling of buying peanut butter and bread at a 7/11 because i couldn’t afford the food in the hotel they put me up in. i’m so thankful i found my own path.

09:43A 06.03.20 WED
“my momma told me, ‘baby, stay clean. there’s no in between.’”

07:03P 06.01.20 MON
losing followers brings me immense joy. consistently meeting the expectations of strangers i’ve never met, never will meet, is exhausting.

08:53P 05.31.20 SUN

11:59A 05.28.20 THU
on your wedding night you should dance and drink your wine and kiss with lipstick.

08:32A 05.28.20 THU

09:26A 05.26.20 TUE
“if summer stayed, we’d all decay. been lost at sea, for centuries, and you were the only one searching. your misery was a sight to see. the night you split my heart in three. we have the hardest time waking up in the morning.”

– billy libby

08:15A 05.25.20 MON
in el paso there is an amtrak station and in it they make a damn good cup of coffee and muffin. ask for light sugar. trust me.

09:57A 05.24.20 SUN
i found an old hard drive and plugged it in. on it was pre-production for album my friends and i did a little over a decade ago. the song brought me back. then i unplugged the hard drive and moved forward. because that’s what we have to do. move forward.

01:16P 05.23.20 SAT

11:17A 05.22.20 FRI

08:23A 05.21.20 THU

08:37P 05.19.20 TUE
i’m not sure a school will ever have me give a commencement speech, but i think i know what i’d say if the day were to come. keep going. when i look back on my work, the work of folks i admired, and the work of folks around me, the thing that separates everyone is who kept going and who stopped.

some artists that i admire with my entire heart stopped at that one cool thing they made. some artists that i didn’t really vibe with kept going and now i vibe with them because i understand their impulse.

if you want to do great work, just keep going. it really is that simple.

02:54P 05.18.20 MON

11:57A 05.13.20 WED
sharing art you like with friends is the best feeling. you show me something, i show you something. we get to talk, have a conversation about it. help understand each other through the art we share. it is the greatest feeling.

06:26P 05.12.20 TUE

01:47P 05.12.20 TUE
in the zone

12:36P 05.10.20 SUN

04:11P 05.09.20 SAT
i’m just tryin’ to do me, be me. all of me. everything. the smiles, the laughs. the tears, the mad. i’ve been thinking about françois truffaut. the 400 blows. he just had to let it out. 

09:16P 05.08.20 FRI


08:52A 05.07.20 THU

07:54A 05.06.20 WED
another rainy morning and i don’t mind a thing. i’ve won four games in a row on chess dot com and it feels good. i’m not a good chess player. i was just playing chess players who are worse than me. i’m obessed with the strategy of chess. it’s a game of details. who can see the most details clearer? that’s pretty much chess. a few games back, i was playing against a person in ireland who was desperately trying to pin my queen on one side of the board without realizing i was only a couple moves away from putting them in checkmate. details. it’s all in the details. i hope you have a good day!

02:06P 05.05.20 TUE

07:46A 05.04.20 MON


09:17A 05.03.20 SUN
sun in the sky, you know how i feel.

09:24A 05.02.20 SAT

08:21A 04.30.20 THU
every single day is a gift and i’m not even on the pink cloud.

07:57A 04.29.20 WED
woke up and mac was in my head. even my dreams got missing him.

i ain’t ask her why no more / although i’ll take it if it’s mine / now i stay inside the lines / it ain’t 2009 no more / yeah i know what’s behind that door

08:21A 04.27.20 MON

08:16A 04.26.20 SUN
i woke up this morning and there was rain coming down from the sky. april showers, i think that’s what they call it. 

12:08P 04.23.20 THU

10:26A 04.23.20 THU
Have you listened to the Wallows album? It’s too good for you not to listen. It’s called “Nothing Happens” and it’s about all the things we think are really important in our teens and early ‘20s and how in the end, even though everything happened, it’s sort of like nothing happened.

Tchade Blake, who mixed all of Sheryl Crow’s songs, mixed it -- so it has this really gritty/polished ‘90s indie pop feel to it.

10:56A 04.22.20 WED

10:28P 04.21.20 TUE

07:18A 04.21.20 TUE

02:32P 04.20.20 MON
trust the process, pals.

08:36P 04.17.20 FRI

02:36P 03.27.20 FRI

new song

11:56P 03.15.20 FRI


10:23P 02.04.19 TUE


12:23P 12.03.18 TUE