Biden-Harris 2024

Creative directing the Biden-Harris 2020 campaign was the honor my lifetime. I was so thrilled to get the call to help out once more.

President Biden’s personal connection with the country is everything. It’s reflected within the policy his administration sets and the speeches he gives. So it’s fitting that his handwriting be on everything, too.

This sentiment — alongside a now flying E in the updated Biden-Harris logo, energetic typography, and even a Dark Brandon meme drive the creative for the re-election campaign.


Client Biden-Harris 2024

Creative Direction & Design Robyn Kanner
Partner Francesca Larson
Handwriting President Joe Biden
Design Eric Ziminsky, Rae Roberts, Julian Williams
Animation Laura Porat
Logo Robyn Kanner, Jonathan Hoefler, Jessica Hische, Christopher Michon
Developers Anna Impson, Cesar Hernandez
Project Management Deanna-Marie Norcross

Launch Video

Directors Drew Heskett, Jonathan Hebert
Executive Producer Rob Flaherty
Editors Eric Bravo, Damaris Bravo
Design Robyn Kanner, Eric Ziminsky, Rae Roberts
Production Manager Claire Glassford