Biden-Harris Inauguration

The 59th Presidential Inauguration represented a transition from Joe Biden as a Presidential candidate to President-Elect Joe Biden — and it came just as the country was processing the grief of a frightening insurrection only days prior. At the heart of this transition was uniting a divided country. We were no longer advertising a candidate. It was time to get to work. Together.

Luscious gradients were traded in for a more traditional navy and gold. And the hierarchy of our typography flipped. During the campaign, Decimal shouted from the rooftops. But here Mercury takes the lead — sturdy and stable, and ever-so graceful with its presence.

Client Biden-Harris Inauguration

Creative Direction & Design Robyn Kanner
Decimal & Mercury Typefaces Jonathan Hoefler
Designers Damaris Bravo, Julian Williams, and Rebecca Nathanson
Project Manager Aja Nuzzi

Biden-Harris Illustration Tracie Ching
United America Hoodie Joe Perez Studios