In The Lavender Haze

While rewatching Mad Men, I heard Anna Draper tell Don who was describing his love for Betty that he was in the lavender haze. I loved the sound of that. The line stuck with me — and Taylor Swift, who would come out with her own lavender haze a year later — so I made my own crewneck.

Each garment was custom dyed using a Frosted White and Caviar Black fleece. The type was crafted by hand and the floral arrangement were photographed on location at a botantical garden in Maryland.

Creative Direction & Design Robyn Kanner
Lettering Richie Stewart
Design Eric Ziminsky, Jazmine Johnson, Anna Impson
Project Manager Aja Nuzzi

Photographer Aundre Larrow
Photographer’s Assistant Sarai Garcia
Models Charlotte Rose Benjamin, Joseph Gelpi