I’m currently available to speak at your conference, in your classroom, or on your podcast. My sweet spot is diversity and inclusion, LGBTQ+ topics, music, and the NBA. I will seriously talk about the NBA all day. Send requests to:

Shorter Bio
Robyn Kanner is a writer, designer, and co-founder of MyTransHealth living in Brooklyn, New York.

Longer Bio
Robyn Kanner is a designer, writer, and speaker based in Brooklyn, NY. She's led user experience design at Etsy, Amazon, and MyTransHealth, among others over past decade. She's a writer whose work on design, inclusion, and gender has appeared in publications such as The Atlantic, The Cut, and them. She's also been interviewed and written about widely, including for TechCrunch, The Verge, Business Insider, and Vox. Robyn speaks about LGBTQ+ culture at events and conferences around the country. In 2014 Robyn founded MyTransHealth to ease the significant and frustrating challenges trans people face finding quality healthcare. In 2016 she was an invited participant in an Obama White House LGBTQ tech and innovation summit briefing. She's been a guest on a multitude of podcasts, and in 2018 with Mike Monteiro, Robyn started Earn Yr Death, a weekly conversation about making the world better. They’re so close to being helpful.





Past Events

Ladies Wine & Design • Blank Studios Manhattan, NY. August 2018

WILDFANG • Free Speech Manhattan, NY. July 2018

Gender Inclusive Workshop • Smart Design Manhattan, NY. July 2018

Drink Your Water  • The Phluid Project Manhattan, NY. June 2018

Chatty Hour • Ueno. Manhattan, NY. June 2018

Friends Read Feelings • SVA Theatre Manhattan, NY. June 2018

Wanted Design  • Terminal Stores Manhattan, NY. May 2018

Cakeboy  • McNally Jackson Brooklyn, NY. May 2018

Desks • The Corners Brooklyn, NY. May 2018

CSCA • Gateway Film Center Columbus, OH. March 2018

Friends Read Feelings • Tictail Manhattan, NY. January 2018
Difficult To Name • Study Hall Brooklyn, NY. December 2017

AIGA Nebraska • Kaneko Omaha, NE. November 2017

Lecture • MICA Baltimore, MD. November 2017

AIGA National Conference • Minneapolis Convention Center. Minneapolis, MN October 2017

The Great Discontent Live • Wythe Hotel Brooklyn, NY. October 2017

Facebook • Facebook HQ Brooklyn, NY. September 2017

Creative Mornings • CCA San Francisco, CA. June 2017

Vectors • Square HQ San Francisco, CA. June 2017

Design Week PDX • Revolution Hall Portland, OR. April 2017

Queer In Tech • Whitman-Walker Health Washington DC. November 2016

Maine Startup and Create • MECA Portland, ME. June 2016