Shapiro For Governor

My first meeting with Josh Shapiro looked a little different than other brand conversations I’ve had with politicians. Because we didn’t chat politics. We talked basketball. And I quickly realized what sets Josh apart is that he knows what he’s talking about.

There are a lot of similarities to sports and politics. For one, in order to get things done you’ve got to get in the game and work together. Josh spoke to voters every day about this while on the campaign trail — and he did so in front of creative that had the energy of a playoff game.

Client Shapiro For Governor

Creative Direction & Design Robyn Kanner
Partner Francesca Larson
Design Eric Ziminsky, Jazmine Johnson
Developers Anna Impson, Cesar Hernandez
Project Management Aja Nuzzi, Deanna-Marie Norcross
Election Night Pennants Woolly Pennants