The Democrats

The DNC’s first major brand refresh since President Obama took office over a decade ago comes with expressive typography, lively colors, and a fresh new energy. We Are Democrats, and that’s something to be proud of.

Sitting within this refresh is an updated color palette that stretches beyond red, white, and blue — introducing natural tones of yellow, green, red, and purple to reflect the exuberant energy of the party. Alongside these color updates are two new typefaces: ITC Cheltenham and Trade Gothic. These fonts allow this refresh to feel both friendly and stoic, meeting the moment of our politics.

“This does a very difficult job very well, establishing a restrained and respectful identity.” – Armin Vit, Brand New

Client The Democrats (DNC)

Creative Direction & Design Robyn Kanner
DNC Design Director Christian Richard
Design Eric Ziminsky, Jazmine Johnson
Project Manager Aja Nuzzi